God’s Presence

Through the doubts

You are near

In my doubts

You bring hope

in the silence

I hear your voice

Your presence brings me near

And shuts down every fear

The gentle whisper of your voice

Consumes all the noise

In my waking,

There is joy

Your peace surrounds me

and your spirit breathes within me

When my mind is focused on you

When my thoughts turn to you

You breathe anew

All doubts are quietened

All fears come to rest

And my confidence is at its best

When I allow you to do the rest

When I place my worries at your feet,

I soar to new heights

When my inner thoughts overwhelm me-

the what ifs the whys and the whens,

I am strengthened by your grace

For it shall come to pass

And as your word has said

“All things are possible for He who believes”

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